These track half pants comes ina comfort-boasting and relaxed look and you can match with any plain tops Being considerate with the touch and density of original, we used the materials which were made with 40'/2 braidings.
- Composition Cotton 100%
- Dry clean

Waist Thigh Front rise Hem Total length long
S 38cm 33cm 39cm 32cm 48cm
M 39.5cm 35cm 39.5cm 33cm 49cm
L 41cm 37cm 40cm 34cm 50cm
Model is 5ft 75"(176cm) tall, 143.5 lbs(65kg) weight and wearing a size S.
* All measurements are approximate. You may refer to the descriptions of size and fit however, we cannot be held responsible for the size mistakes as the size can be different according to way of measurement or position you measure.

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